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Marc Accetta - Living in Full Color

Living in Full Color

Have you ever wished you could read peoples minds? At least know what they were thinking so you knew the best way to communicate with them? Well, we don’t teach mind reading, but we excel at teaching how to read people.


There are dozens of programs on Personality Types,
so what makes ours different?


Actually, quite a bit. Marc is a master at entertaining you while you are learning, so you will actually learn and retain the information better than the other programs that you may have used.

The program is not designed to find your "inner child." It is designed to give you a clear understanding of what makes you tick, but much more importantly it gives you expert training on how to identify what makes other people tick, and ultimately how you should communicate with them to get maximum results from your interactions!

We use colors (Blue, Red, Yellow, Green) to identify the four personality groups because it is simple, but the main reason we use it is because the whole concept of colors is so you learn to change your color and become a chameleon. It is not about you communicating to others in the style that you are comfortable with; it is about you changing your color to adapt to the person you are communicating with so that they are comfortable! Then you will understand what we mean by Living your life In Full Color!




This program will not just help you to have better results with strangers or business associates, it will help with your spouse, your children, your friends; it will help you have better relationships with everyone in your life!

Our program includes a CD and a DVD where Marc explains each personality type in detail and how to properly interact with people in each group effectively. It also includes a customized workbook that you can have with you constantly while you are learning how to properly identify and interact with everyone that you encounter.


We are very happy to announce that this information packed series is available for only $199.


"I can honestly tell you that this information will have a tremendous practical application in your life. I can’t think of anything I can share with you that will reap bigger dividends in your career, and in your life!"


For a limited time we are offering this program at
an introductory price of only $99

ORDER NOW and also receive FREE Shipping worldwide.


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